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A lesson with AG Fronzoni.
From teaching design to designing lifestyle.




"A lesson with AG Fronzoni. From teaching design to designing lifestyle."

author: Ester Manitto

publication year: 2012

texts by: Enrico D.Bona, Marina Cinieri, Ester Manitto, Gabriele Oropallo.
photo by: Artiva, Fabrizio Cicconi, Alessandro Fornili, Giuliano
Grossi, Armin Linke, Ester Manitto.

This book is an act of gratitude from student to teacher and also an invitation
to others to contribute to the reconstruction of a story of human and professional
experience of the highest value and of great current relevance.
Ester Manitto, re-working the materials, notes and written work of her student
career permits us to enter the world of AG Fronzoni's workshop school, founded in
Milan in 1982 and active until 2001.
The workshop school trained a multitude of young people from all walks
of life and parts of the world, directing them towards the practice of continual
research into the essence of form in life, nature, art, architecture and design,
and a respect for learning by doing.
A school of both craft and concept, directed at the training and critical awareness of
the individual, it set itself the difficult educational objective of combining
the startegies and techniques of design with lifestyle choices.
From these recollections there emerges the generosity of a man of culture who, real
teacher that he was, devoted so much time and thought to his students, spurring
them on to experiment with the most varied aspects of existence
(food, music, theatre, travel), to know and meet artists, intellectuals and craftsmen
with new views on the world.
This book is not an anthology but a reasoned collection of notes accompanied
by a dialogue between Ester Manitto and the design historian Gabriele Oropallo,
with a careful literary support from the architect and designer Enrico D. Bona,
and with contributions from the photographers Fabrizio Ciccone,
Alessandro Fornili, Giuliano Grossi and Armin Linke, who have donated
their photography.
Marina Cinieri pedagogist

The book I got nominated for the ADI Design Index 2013
and was displayed at the Triennale in Milan at the exhibition
ADI design index, 2013: design work.
(From 1 October 2013 to 2 November 2013).

Review of Claudio Silvestrin, architect.
Fronzoni was, at the same time, a teacher, an educator, a design architect, a genius.
It was a great privilege to have been a student of his.
With seriousness and professionalism that are typically feminine, Ester Manitto
gives us a black and white panorama of her notes and observations collected
during her time with Fronzoni.
The book becomes such a valuable document and it should be used in educational
institutions on a global scale: 'I am quite serious'.
A book able to transform a teenager into a man, and a student into a humanist - free
from the illusion of careerism and specialisation.
Claudio Silvestrin architect

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publisher: plug_in
curator: Emanuele Piccardo

graphic design and art direction by: Artiva Design

languages: each book is written both in Italian and in English
translation: Andrea Jones

total pages italian text: 63
total pages english text: 63
total page images: 24
black and white illustrations

format 22 x 20 cm
isbn code 978-88-95459-10-3

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